Painted Collection. Original hand-painted leather products for ladies and women from genuine Italian leather. Each piece is an artwork. Painted by top artists from Europe on genuine Italian skin. There are only a few pieces and each is unique. The ideal way to be original. Unrepeatable originals with unrepeatable painting.

The collection of our painted leather products occupies an exceptional position among all other manufacturers of leather haberdashery in the Slovak market. As the only brand in the market – we can decorate your products with beautiful painted motifs and paintings that are unique and original. Using the new unique technology associated with special paint fixation, we offer products made from genuine genuine leather decorated with unique and beautiful paintings. With our products you will be original. Handmade leather products use exclusive Italian beef and calf leather. All products are exclusively hand-painted with alcohol paints that penetrate deep into the skin where they are fixed to collagen fibers.

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