About Us

Our Company was established in 1993 as a natural person, acting on the basis of registration in the Trade Register. The primary object of the business was wholesale of leather haberdashery and leather haberdashery. From the very beginning, it created its own collection, outsourcing the production to existing production companies, which at that time went into a difficult situation due to the collapsing centrally managed markets and the emergence of a private network of retailers.
The company has endeavored in particular to a new collection of school briefcases with application of screen printing color pictures and a collection of fashionable leather bags and briefcases at unbeatable prices. The basis was contact with Italian material producers, as Italy dictated fashion trends for the whole world at the time, and consequently the most advanced technologies were developed there.

Vega-LM is engaged in its own production and subsequent sale of leather haberdashery. Our company is the largest wholesale and retailer of leather haberdashery in Slovakia. Only you can find the largest selection of luxurious leather women’s handbags, purses, bags, briefcases, wallets, documents, etuies, suitcases, etc. We also offer leather accessories such as belts, pendants, keyrings made of genuine Italian leather.

What we offer?
The production program covers the entire management area, i. briefcases, notebooks, pilot cases, travel program, dockyards, cases, wallets, promotional items from leather and fashion handbags. Products are exclusively made of luxurious materials. Used genuine beef and calf leather, exclusive hand-tanned leather, Italian and Swiss fittings and lining materials. For corporate customers, custom-made design, the product price includes the production and embossing of the company logo. Our company has expanded its services, including in the form of online stores. Do you want to shop with an overview and comfort? Do not hesitate to visit our e-shops on the site:

Hand painting
Our company  has been devoting itself to creating exclusive and original hand-painted products for years. This work stems from our fantasy and high-quality manual work of our experts, in which our customers can only guarantee the most beautiful and the most original of what they can get. Nowadays, the market is overwhelmed by a number of boring, non-original and repetitive gifts. We offer hand-painted original scarves and shawls and hand-painted leather products, made with precision on a professional level that interest and delight everyone. Who would resist the compelling motif associated with quality material? In our assortment you will find hand-painted silk scarves, scarves and ties. Natural silk is used. The motivation of our work is the pleasure of creative work and the development of a sense of beauty.

All products are exclusively hand-painted with alcohol paints that penetrate deep into the skin where they are fixed to collagen fibers. This ensures their color stability, but on the other hand, it implies the high demands of such processing. After drying, the surface is treated with a transparent lacquer that provides protection against abrasion and abrasion.

Do you want to shop with an overview and comfort? Do not hesitate to visit our e-shops.

Why choose us?
Our company has been active in the production and sale of leather haberdashery since 1993. Its main production program consists of briefcases, wallets, diaries, handbags, wallets, promotional items, a complementary assortment for the corporate sector and a promo program. The company offers its special services including repair of products and processing as such … The products are exclusively made of luxury materials – genuine leather, Italian fittings and lining materials are used. The basic materials are natural trifles from the renowned producers in the Tuscan region of Italy. We use branded Swiss hardware, we have our own development site.